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2010 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario M4S 1Z9
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Hello Real Estate Group

We're Buyers, Sellers & Investors. Just like you.


You get it: comfort, stability, simplicity—it's your style.

Buying or selling a home? It's not just for now; it's securing your future. But let's face it, you're busy. That's where Hello steps in.

We're in the game too—buyers, sellers, investors. We've canvassed Toronto's concrete jungle of real estate choices. So, we did what any savvy operator would do: We made Hello. It's tailored to you, with our network and know-how, cutting through the noise.

Our Team

Melissa Nguyen

Sales Representative + Founder

Angelica Leung

Sales Representative

Angelica Leung

Sales Representative

Hello. Not just another real estate brand—but a lifestyle solution, refined for you.