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Asked Questions.

How much can I afford?
Our network includes mortgage partners who can find out exactly how much you can afford. After a brief questionnaire you’ll be pre-qualified, and we can begin looking at homes.
When is the best time to buy?
What are the closing costs?
Do I need to pay Land Transfer tax?
How long does it take to find
our dream home?
When is the best time to sell?
The best time to sell depends on when a house like yours might be most in-demand. For example, a big yard is a great feature in the summer, but might be a nuisance in the winter. Not to mention, you have to be able to show the house, so if you’re busy at home, it may not be ideal timing. Besides that, waiting for a particular value is never the right time. You might be waiting too long, or miss your timing altogether.
Do we need staging?
Staging is meant to make a house look beautiful, appetizing, and showcase the space to its utmost potential. Maybe you’re a great decorator and there’s no need? Otherwise, we need to look at your property and potential shoppers, as well as make sure the photos come out looking studio quality, in order to make the biggest impact with buyers.
How can I prep my home?
Don’t worry, once we’ve got the ball rolling, we’re going to put together a list with you to make sure we know exactly what needs prepping. We’ll then sort out who’s taking care of what, and connect you with the necessary partners to do that.
How long will it take to get
my property on the market?