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Making Moves?
We love to see it.

Upgrade, downsize, profit. Wherever you're at in your real estate journey, seize it.

Say Hello to Simple Selling.

What's selling to you? To us, it screams fresh chances. Our 6-step selling process? It's all about seizing those opportunities while keeping it clean and straightforward.

The Process


Us & Ours

You know what you want. So, what's our game? Sit tight, we're about to spill. We'll dive into your needs and our network, hooking you up with the perfect buyer.


Market Test

Alright, we’ve got the lowdown on your property, but what about the competition? Cue the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). We're diving into the market to size up our place against the rest. Ready to see where we stand?

STEP three

The Makeover

Selling ain't dating, but it's damn close. Figure out your strengths, then hustle to cover your weaknesses. Fix up, stage it right, get killer photos and vids, and nail your marketing. Don't go overboard, but don't slack either.


Market Blitz

Now that we're decked out, we're flaunting your property to both the market and our exclusive network. Home listings are a journey, expect weekly updates on marketing hustle and who's checking you out.


Selecting the Gem

Once we've got the goods (enough offers and interest), it's all about locking down the best deal for your property.


Sealing the Deal

Your match is found, and you've given the nod. Congrats! Time for a honeymoon while we handle the paperwork. Just sign a few things; the grunt work's done. What's next?

When the day ends, it's our connections that truly count.


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